Technical Advice

Advice and consultancy related to safety, compliance and certification of machinery and industrial installations. Technical advice on EEC regulations such Machine Directive, Drawing up of Technical Files, Risk Analysis, Certifications, ASME Regulations, PED Regulations, etc. In particular:

  • Risk Analysis
    A process allowing individual risk events and overall risk throughout machinery life cycle to be understood and managed proactively, leading to particularly drawn up documentation stating the outcome of the risk assessment process as a list of risks developed from the output of hazards identification process. A thorough evaluation of the three key aspects of risk – severity, likelihood and exposure – aims at rating the risk and ensuring essential health and safety requirements are satisfied.
    Due identification of residual risks enables warning signs to be properly affixed to machinery parts and relevant information to be included in instructions for use for full compliance with provisions set out in Directive 2006/42/EC on machinery.
    Our experts are skilled to provide solutions aiming at suppressing or reducing risks to acceptable levels.
  • Verification of Performance Level
    Our service for evaluating the safety functions / safety-related parts of control systems within a wide range of control technologies, aimed at determining the achieved Performance Level (PL) relating to the CE certification of designed, constructed and placed-on-the-market machinery.
    The activity involves a thorough examination of the actual state, checks for ensuring full compliance with provisions set out in applicable machinery-related Standards and the subsequent issuing of relevant documentation as per provisions of EN 13849-1 Standard.
    Risk assessment involves a thorough evaluation of every safety-related function, the definition of relevant requirements and the determination of the required Performance Level (PLr) for the described safety function under EN 13849-1 Standard.
  • Technical Files
    Technical advice for the drafting and creation of technical files, which bring together all documents relating to the design, construction, and testing of a machine. As required by law, technical files must include construction drawings, diagrams, structural calculations, a description of the materials used, documents relating to off-the-shelf components, assesments on noise and electromagnetic compatibility levels.
  • Technical and documentary checks for compliance with regulations
    Technical and regulatory assessment of existing documents to check for compliance with regulation 2006/42/EC, followed by the production of a report with a list of any possible actions to be implemented in order to ensure regulatory compliance.