Bespoke services to meet customer needs since 1982

GDS has worked alongside companies - and sometimes even on their behalf - since 1982 to provide integrated "PRODUCT" support services in both the civil and military arenas (from design to customer service).

Particularly attentive to customer needs and to providing high quality services, G.D.S. was awarded the ISO 9001 quality certification from Det Norske Veritas in May 2015 Our production process organisation allows customers to share all information with a single contact person, for a faster, higher-quality service.

Over the years, G.D.S. has grown and evolved to meet the needs of the market and its customers, while also gaining extensive experience in providing various types of technical documentation, as well as machinery and system safety and product support services.

G.D.S. has focused on the development of areas related to safety (risk analysis, technical and documentary checks to satisfy the current regulations, technical files), certifications and various types of technical, educational, maintenance and support publications (documents, spare parts catalogues, training courses, 3D animations).




outsourced experts


customers in four primary markets

ISO 9001

Certified since 2000

Depending on customer needs, G.D.S. can provide the following types of support:

- Simple support, led and coordinated by the customer's technical staff
- Total support, creating technical documentation in compliance with current regulations, after receiving the necessary information from the customer's technical staff.

If necessary, these activities may be carried out at the customer's site or at our office, using and interacting with the customers' document management systems.