Spare Parts Catalogues

They are created using specific cutting-edge software that allows us to obtain tables and axonometric drawings (exploded drawings) from your own 3D models, where possible, thereby reducing costs significantly.

Depending on your specific needs, catalogues can also be created using different techniques, including 2D illustrations, photographs, etc.

The documents can be supplied in the traditional form (i.e. printed), or in .pdf or HTML electronic format for quick reference and CD-burning.
If requested, we can create the catalogue in HTML format directly on your company website; in this case, access to the catalogue will be password protected to allow customers to access restricted areas of your site.

For special applications, we have developed the Espare software for management and visualisation software that allows users to easily browse the catalogue, see details of different units and/or devices, select the part they are interested in and get the necessary information, such as name, part number, quantity, supply/wear class and other additional information for managing and ordering spare parts.

Video tutorial Espare software